Roman Reigns


Backstage Interview

Kick's In The Corner

Throw against the Barricade

Ambush Outside the Ring 

Corner Clothesline + Arm Clothesline
Bodysplash + Clothesline 

 Corner Clothesline
Shoulder Tackle
Super Knee
 Clothesline on the floor

Back Body Drop in second Rope

Back Body Drop

Jumping Clothesline in apron

Diving Clothesline on the floor

Powerbomb to Ladder

Jumping Clothesline 

Multiples Punch + Clothesline to Outside

Powerbomb to Ladder in Opponent

Running Front Dropkick

Powerbomb to opponent 

Reigns Suicide Splash to outside

Suicide Dive in opponents 

Sitout Powerbomb

Thown to corner + Corner Clothesline's
Thown to corner + Headbutt
Body Slam side Slam
 Thown to corner + Kicks on corner
Modified Flapjack
Moment Of Silence

Jumping Elbow Drop

Modified Samoan Drop

Sequence of Clotheslines at the Corner 

Superman Punch

 Superman Punch in mid-air
Superman Punch on the floor

Superman Punch to the Outside 

Samoan Drop 

 Spear in Mid-Air


Spear To Announcer Table

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