Alicia Fox



Back Kick

Throw against the Corner
Shot in the Chest
 Elbow Smash

Slaps + Modified Snapmare
Punches in the Corner

Back Elbow

Comeback Sequence

Running Clothesline
 Kick in the Head
Refusing the Tag + Kick
Big Boot to the outside
Comeback Sequence
Sequence Elbow + Northerm Lights Bridging Supex
Double Thown face on corner

Kick + Tilt-A-Whirl Backbreaker
Tilt-a-Whril Backbreaker
Running Big Boot on corner

Improvised Hurricanrara

Big Boot

Big boot in opponent in Corner
Bridging Northern Lights suplex
Axe Kick

Kick + Foxy Bustter
Watch Yo' Face

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