Carmella - NXT



Backstage Interview

Pressing in the Ropes

Multiple Shoulder Thrusts
Shoulder Tackle
High Elbow
Running Clothesline

Sweep + Roll Up
Multiples Punches
Face Shot in the Turnbuckle
Running Dropkick


Lou Thesz Press

Armlock with legs

Handstand tilt-a-whirl headscissors Takedown
Throw to the Outside
Wheelbarrow Snapmare
Atomic Drop
Corner Boot Shot
Suicide Dive

Mat Slam

Two time Low Dropkick
Lock the ropes

Knee Strike
Double Lou Thesz Press
Dragon Sleeper
Princess Kick
Sitout Rear mat Slam
Top-Rope Hurricanrana

Rope Aided Frankensteiner
Bronco Shot

 Swinging Reversed STO + Code of Silence

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