Alexa Bliss - NXT



Backstage Promo

Mat Slam in apron
Pushing the Opponent

Making Fun of the Opponent

Alexa's Sequence

Front-Drop Headlock
Multiples Stomps 
Multiple Punches
Roll Up
Kick to the Back
Arm Drag
Running Knee Lift
Throw against the Apron

Drop Toe Hold to the Turnbuckle + Stomps
Choke on the Ropes

Choke on the Ropes + Pushing the ropes
Super Punch
Catapult against the ropes
Short-Arm Shoulder Tackle
Shoulder Thrusts
Hair Pull Mat Slam

Turning Arm Attack
Back Flip Double Knee

Juping Double Knee + Back Flip Double Knee
Glitter Blizzard
Chokehold STO

Chokehold STO + Jumping Double Knee + Glitz Flip
Twisted Bliss

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