''Crazy'' Mary Dobson

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Sweep + Roll Up
Reverse Roll Up
Surfboard Clash
 Thown face on corner
Kicks Combo
Diving Senton On the floor
 Lou Thesz press + Multiple Punches
Knee Strike
Roll Up
Running High Knee

Arm Drag
Diving Crossbody
Multiple Headbutts
Low Dropkick
Kick + Headbutt
Pele Kick on corner
Apron Big Boot
Horse Kick
Crazy Suicide
 Front Dropkick
Kick + Running Knee Strike
Back Kick +  Running High Knee
Reverse Facebuster
Knee strike to the midsection + Dark Matter
Reverse Pelé Kick
Comeback Sequence
The Silencer
Multiple Punches + Roundhouse kick
Knee + Exploder suplex
Roundhouse kick
Bayley to Belly from the Top Rope
Knee + Sliced Bread
Creeping to second string +  Can't Stop Pondo
Can't Stop Pondo
Slingshot Cutter
Closing Argument
Dragon Sleeper
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