Johnny Mundo

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Spinning wheel Kick on barricade
Crowbar shot
Clothesline to the outside

Diving Double Foot Stomp
 Finger in the Eye

Superkick off the top off building

Slingshot Leg Drop

Thrown To The Glass Window

Shooting Star Splash

Spinning Spinebuster


Flying Chuck

Throwing dust in the face

Diving Knee attack

Swinging Neckbreaker to the Outside

Running Enziguiri Kick on corner

Super Backbreaker
 Running Sweep
Running High Knee to outside

Somersault Corkscrew Splash

Beautiful Disaster

Dropkick in mid air

Front Kick

Russian Leg Sweep
 Diving Corkscrew Moonsault on the top of cage

Diving Corkscrew Splash

Spinning Powerslam

Springboard Beautiful Disaster on the barricade


The End Of The World

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