Bray Wyatt


Backstage Promo



Lantern to the Face

Clothesline on the Floor
Running Senton

 Punchs on the Ropes

DDT to the Apron

Punches in the corner
Leg Attack


Running Headbutt
 Pressing on the strings
Running Senton on the Floor

Body Splash
Elbow Drop

Double Body Splash

Running Crossbody

Reverse into a Punch to the Belly

Throat Thrusts

Low Big Boot

Suplex Toss

Super Clothesline

Suplex on the Floor

Swinging Front Knee Attack

Super Chokeslam

Chokeslam to the Apron

Chokeslam against the Barricade

Sister Abigail

Running Crossbody + Sister Abigail
Sister Abigail On Barricade

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