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Head Shot on the steel steps
 Microphone shot
Ladder Shot
DDT in transit Board

Pushing the ladder at the opponent
throwing the opponent on the table
Spear Through Fire Table
LeBell Lock With Kendo Stick
Pedigree Through Thumbtacks

Attack Whit Fire Extinguisher
Attack with extinguisher

Chain Attack

Body Slam Into The Plastic Top Of The Announcer Table
Camera Shot
Chair Shot
Fire Extinguisher Shot To Chest
Kendo Stick Shot To Chest
Nut Massacre into a Kendo Shot

Kendo Stick Shot
Low Blow Whit Kendo Stick
Kendo Stick Shot into a Table

Curb Stomp on brick
 Multiple Chair Shot's
Multiple Kendo Stick Shot's To Downed Opponent
Multiple Steel Pipe Shot's
Rope Steel Pipe Shot
Speaker Shot
Thown to Taxi

Thrown To Corner Whit A Chair
Thrown To Ring Post
Thrown To Steel Pipe's
Thrown To Steel Port

Thrown To The Glass Window
Brogue Kick through the Drums
Chokeslam off the tope of Taxi

Wheel Kick Whit Kendo Stick
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