Tables Moves

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Second ropes Superplex to the outside on table

Diving Elbow Drop to table

Kendo Stick Shot into a Table

  Thown over then Table

 Headbutt's to outside on table 

Throwing the opponent on the table
Triple powerbomb through a Table

Thown face on table

Amazing Bomb on table on the floor

Running Senton on Table

Last Ride Powerbomb on Two Tables

Dropkick to Outside Trough The Table

Super Back Suplex Through The Table

 Powerbomb to table
Lucha Underground - Pentagon Jr

Spinebuster on Table

Diving Elbow Drop in the table in Stage

Spear On Announcer Table
Attitude Adjustment On Announcer Table
 RKO on Announcer Table 
 Blackout to Table

  Back Body Drop to the Announcer Table

Spear to the outside on table
 Diving Splash in table
 World's Strongest Slam Into the Announcer Table
Sitout Powerbomb to table on the floor

Side Slam on table with fire
 Spear to the table with arams

Diving Elbow Drop to Announcer Table

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