CM Punk


Backstage Segment
Backstage Interview
Backstage Promo
Comeback Sequence
Big Boot
Back Kick
Multiple Kicks
Knee Drop
Back Suplex
Dropkick to the Outside
Diving Double Axe Handle from the Announcer Table
Diving Clothesline from the Announcer Table
Throw against the Barricade
High Knee
Knee Lift
Short-Arm Clothesline
Clothesline to the Outside
Legdrop to the Neck
Triangle Dropkick
Suicide Dive
Springboard Clothesline
Calf Kick
Swinging Neckbreaker
Diving Double Axe Handle to the Outside
Roundhouse Kick
Diving Bulldog
Diving Crossbody
Shining Wizard + Short-Arm Clothesline
Shining Wizard on the Ropes
Shining Wizard
Double Underhook Backbreaker
Diving Elbow Drop
Anaconda Vise
Go To Sleep

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